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Ed, Edd, and Eddy


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My favorite show

Ed                 Edd               Eddy
Edd and EdEddyAhhh!

The show is on every weekday at 8:00 AM, 4:00 PM, and 7:30 PM

Premeiring on Cartoon Network on January 4th, 1999, "Ed, Edd, n Eddy", created by Danny Antonucci, became the 5th official Cartoon Cartoon. Ed, Edd, and Eddy are three adolescents who are constantly trying to figure out how to be cool and get their hands an some enormous jawbreakers. Edd is the brains of the outfit, ever so cautious and weary of the egosticial Eddy's hair-brained schemes. Ed is just dumb and smelly, but those are his good points. The trio are best friends, and are outcast from most other kids their age. The most popular kid in the neighborhood, Kevin (a jock, natch), thinks of the Ed's as "dorks". Always looking for new ways to make money for jawbreakers, Ed, Edd, and Eddy can be sometimes relentless in their pursuits.

Ed- A simple-minded boy who loves chickens and jawbreakers.
Favorite Foods- Jawbreakers, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Toast, Pudding Skin
Sayings- I love chickens Eddy, Buttered toast

         Ed and Edd

Edd- A boy genius who happens to positivly love Jawbreakers.
Favorite Food- Jawbreakers (of coarse)
Sayings- Intreaging, thats disturbing


Eddy- A cash and Jawbreaker addict.  Will do anything for money.
Favorite Foods- Jawbreakers (Again?)
Sayings- MONEY!!!, CASH!!!, JAWBREAKERS!!!

                    Ed and Eddy

Kevin- A boy who thinks the Eds are all dorks.  He of coarse wants to be the king of the cul-de-sac
Favorite Food- Jawbreakers
Saying- DORKS!!!


Rolf- An unusual old-world boy, with even weirder customs.  He is also very strong.
Favorite foods- Jawbreaker, Beets, Pig Head, Fish Sticks
Sayings- Never light the candle at both ends for then you will live the life of a hair dresser, Never use hot wax to soothe and raise lobsters


Nazz- The one girl the boys all fall for.  Thinks the other kids are sometimes pretty weird.
Favorite food- Jawbreakers, Pumpkin Pie
Saying- Hi guys


Sarah- Sister of Ed.  Often goes into a firery rage and attacks Ed.
Favorite food- Jawbreakers
Saying- ED SHUT UP!!!

   Sarah                                  Sarah angry at Eddy

Jimmy- A kind hearted boy who is best friends with sarah.  He is almost always mangled by bikes, trees, unicycles, trailers, and shoes.
Favorite Food- Jawbreakers (Can we give it a rest already)
Saying- Owe, Owchees


Jonny (Yes that spelling is correct)- A boy with his best friend plank ( a peice of ply-wood).  He often saves fighting roosters.
Favorite foods- Jawbreakers, Free-range Soy Beans
Sayings- Thats it plank no more free-range soy beans before bed goodnight good buddy, You gotta blink somtime you rascal you, thats it plank... no more sweets for you

 Jonny & Plank        Plank saving a rooster

The Kankers- A group of girls totally nuts over the eds.  They often fight each other.
Favorite saying- You're such a slug marie
Favorite movie-  Fish bowl two (A classic)

Where the Ed's live:  Peach Creek

1: Ed n Sarah

(its fun living right next door to Jimmy and with a good view down the whole street, but its not so good out the back though - eeek! Way too close to the Kankers for comfort!)

2: Edd

( perched on the corner and with only one immediate neighbour. Edd's ideally positioned for keeping an eye on Eddy, that big lawn takesan awful lot of mowing though! )

3: Eddy

( backing onto the lane n playground so nicely placed for a quick scam or more likely an escape but whooooo, also slap bang next to main antagonist Kevin - sweet! )

4: Jimmy

(snugly nestled between best friend Sarah and ultra trendy Nazz for Jimmy its almost the ideal artist's retreat. Shame then that the dump completes the triangle)

5: Rolf

(next door to slightly spaced-out Jonny, Rolf's ample backyard has lots of foliage - ideal for raising goats n beets and for Urban Rangers practice of course)

6: Kevin

(possible recurrent problems with a certain close proximity neighbour but Kev's domain is handily placed for a quickly pedalled dork -getaway to the park)

7: Nazz

(cosily squeezed between Jonny's n Jimmy's we can only cross our fingers and hope its out of smelling- range from Rolf's manure pit)

8: Jonny 2x4

(set a little back from the road twixt Nazz n Rolf, Jonny can easily keep an eye on Ed and he's handily placed to please his buddy who likes to keep alert and see things)

9: the Kanker Sisters

(the Park n Flush trailer park, fringed by the creek and the forest -and possibly by a few more houses too if you believe that sign! And just a stone's throw from Ed's - quite literally!)

10: the Lane

(scene of many a scam, bicycle wheelie & horrible mangling accident, this little corridor runs from the playground round the back of the cul-de-sac houses apparently)

11: the Creek

(presumably this is the Peach creek, it runs from a culvert near the cul-de-sac, past the trailer park and dump to the city (again apparently) ? or maybe it runs the other way ? who knows?

12: the playground

(the place to go when you want to break records, show off or simply relax ? I hope that sandbox is cleaned out regularly, there are bound to be cats about ? ugh, so unsanitary!)

An interview with Ed, Edd, and Eddy's creator: Danny Antonucci

Bio Stats: Age: 42
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Favorite cartoons as a kid? The old Max Fleshier and Warner Bros. cartoons. They were so irreverent. He He He...
Artistic background/Schooling? "I drew at an early age and was always amazed by animation. I thought, "how do they make drawings move like that?" There was a weekend course in animation at my high school, I took it and made my first film called "The Adventures of Barf Man". I was only 14 years old then, but I knew right then and there what I would be doing for the rest of my life. "
How did you get your start in animation? I was majoring in animation at Sheridan College, in Canada. I was in my second year when I was offered a job as animator on Scooby Doo I jumped on it. School was nice but I really wanted to learn about the business of animation.
Advice to aspiring artists... It's very hard work. It takes a lot of hours to make a cartoon. You really have to love the art and stick at it. Believe in yourself, do what you want to do and never, ever take "NO" for an answer.
Inspiration? "...comes from my observation of life, growing up and people I meet. All the characters in the show are based on my kids, myself or kids I've grown up with, friends."
Hobbies outside of work? This is my hobby and my life. I love animation.
Motivating factors in your life? Having as many people as possible see what I love to do. Make cartoons. I get a kick out of making people laugh.
Where did the idea for Ed, Edd & Eddy come from? "The stories come from my childhood and what I remember of living in suburbia and being stuck without any organization during summer vacation. It comes from having to make up your own fun."
Which Ed can hold the most gumballs in his mouth and how many? Eddy. He has the BIGGEST mouth, next to Sarah.

Voice Credits

Ed: Matt Hill

Edd: Samuel Vincent

Eddy: Tony Sampson

Jimmy: Keenan Christiensen

Sarah / Lee: Janyce Jaud

Jonny: "Buck"

Kevin /Marie: Kathleen Barr

May: Erin Fitzgerald

Rolf: Peter Kelamis

Nazz: Tabitha St.Germain / Erin Fitzgerald

Produced by 
Danny Antonucci   (executive producer)  

Christine L. Danzo   (producer)  

Ruth Vincent   (associate producer)  


Original Music 

Patric Caird    


Film Editing

Ken Cathro    


Art Department

Chaz Battista ....  storyboard artist  

Charlie Chien ....  storyboard artist  

Al Choi (II) ....  storyboard artist  

Todd Damone ....  storyboard artist  

Mike De Kraker ....  storyboard artist  

SteRyan Hicks ....  storyboard artist  
Vern Marcus ....  storyboard artist  

Steve Sandersen ....  storyboard artist  

Kevin Schmid ....  storyboard artist  

Scott Underwool ....  head storyboard artist  

Kent Webb ....  storyboard artist  

Younger Yang ....  storyboard artist  
ve Geeves ....  storyboard artist  

D. Brad Gibson ....  storyboard artist  

Lucas Gustafson ....  storyboard artist  


Sound Department 
Adam Gejdos ....  music editor  

Other Crew 
Danny Antonucci ....  story editor  

Sheldon Arnst ....  animation supervisor  

John Han ....  animation director  

Ginny Ivanicki ....  background artist  

Kwang Jin Kim ....  animation director  

Young Keon Kim ....  animation director  

Terry Klassen ....  voice director  

Chul Ki Kwon ....  animation director  

Bonni Reid ....  color designer  

Eda Soong ....  layout supervisor 

Original Character Art

Ed's faces

Character Backrounds
Double D's room
Ed's living room
Park and flush trailer park
Double D's basement
Another view of Ed's living room
Double D's house




Ed, Edd, and Eddy's Character Plans

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